Emergency & Safety Information

The employees of Western Piedmont Community College strive to provide a safe, attractive, and engaging environment for our students and visitors. As part of that commitment, we provide these tips for emergencies on campus and ways for you to stay safe.

Campus Emergencies Checklist


In case of emergency, remain calm


Campus Security can be reached at (828) 448-3500

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  • Request emergency medical services by calling 911
  • If a person is not breathing, begin CPR (if trained to do so)
  • If there is active bleeding, assist the injured in providing firm pressure while avoiding direct contact with blood or bodily fluids
  • Ask someone to contact Security at (828) 448-3500
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  • If possible, shut all windows and doors in the lowest floor of the building
  • Seek shelter away from exterior doors and windows
  • Crouch near floor or under heavy, well-supported objects and cover the back of your head
  • Do not go outside during thunder or wind storms until the storm has passed
  • Be aware of downed wires and falling objects
  • Report emergencies to security at (828) 448-3500


  • Activate the nearest fire alarm and exit the building
  • DO NOT use elevators when evacuating the building
  • Gather at designated place and do not re-enter until authorized
  • Call 911 or Security at (828) 448-3500
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(Shooter of Hostage Situation)

  • RUN: If safe to do so, move quickly away from the scene; or
  • HIDE: If not safe to move, hide as best as you can, locking or barricading doors; or
  • FIGHT: As a last resort, try to disrupt or incapacitate the shooter
  • If hiding, stay in place until the all-clear is given
  • Follow lockdown procedures located on the yellow folder on the back of all classroom doors.
  • Call 911 or Security at (828) 448-3500
Alert Icon


  • DO NOT touch or disturb unknown/suspicious objects
  • Be prepared to evacuate if so directed
  • Report unusual or suspicious activity to Campus Security at (828) 448-3500

Help With Emergencies


For more information on a particular emergency, select the name in the list below:

Fire Emergencies
Severe Weather
Medical Emergencies
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