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03.04.100.a Absences





In the event the College is closed due to adverse weather or other circumstances, curriculum classes should be made up by adding extra assignments.  Assignments may also be posted on the College Learning Management System (Moodle) for the day of the absence.  Continuing Education courses will extend the meeting date/time to cover class time missed.

For absences when the College is open, the following procedure will be followed:

Faculty – instructors are employed on an assignment basis. In the event of the instructor canceling classes due to his/her inability to travel, the instructor is expected to make up the classes as outlined above.

Non-Instructional Personnel – each employee must, with the agreement of his supervisor, elect one of the following in adjusting time lost where the College does not close:

1. Use a vacation leave day.
2. Payroll deduction for time lost.

When catastrophic, life-threatening weather conditions occur (i.e., blizzards, hurricanes, tornadoes, or floods), it may become necessary for College officials to close or evacuate the College. If the decision is made to close the College, notification will be sent through the College’s Emergency messaging center and College employees will not be required to make up time lost from work during this period.
Essential Employees: During adverse weather conditions, an essential employee may be requested to report to work and failure to report to work.  These employees will be paid for the hours the College closes and straight time for the hours actually worked.