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03.04.010.b Confidential Information





All information other than the information listed in Section I is confidential and shall not be open for inspection and examination except to the following persons:

  1. The employee, applicant for employment, former employee, or his/her properly authorized agent, who may examine his/her own personnel file at all reasonable times in its entirety except for letters of reference solicited prior to employment;
  2. The President, other supervisory personnel and legal counsel for the President;
  3. The Board of Trustees and the Board’s attorney;
  4. A party by authority of a subpoena or proper court order may inspect and examine a particular confidential portion of an employee’s personnel file;
  5. An official of any agency of the state or federal government, or any political subdivision of the state, may inspect any portion of a personnel file when such information is deemed by the College to be necessary and essential to the pursuance of a proper function of the inspecting agency, but no information shall be divulged for the purposes of assisting in a criminal prosecution nor for purposes of assisting in a tax investigation.
  6. The President may, in his/her discretion, or shall at the direction of the Board of Trustees, inform any person or corporation of any promotion, demotion, suspension, reinstatement, transfer, separation, dismissal, employment or non-employment of any applicant, employee or former employee and the reasons for such action and may allow the personnel file of the person or any portion to be released or inspected to any person or corporation provided that the Board of Trustees has determined that the release of the information is essential to maintaining the integrity of the Board of Trustees or to maintaining the level or quality of services provided by the College. Prior to releasing the information or making the file or any portion available to a person or corporation pursuant to this subsection, the President shall prepare a memorandum setting forth the circumstances which he/she and the Board deem to require the disclosure and the information to be disclosed. The memorandum shall be retained in the files of the President and shall be a public record.


Each individual requesting access to confidential personnel information will be required to submit satisfactory proof of identity.