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03.03.040.a Reduction in Force / Furlough / Involuntary Leave Without Pay Definitions





Employee means full-time and part-time employees.

Financial Exigency is defined as a situation where current or anticipated fiscal resources are not sufficient to continue campus operations at current levels.  Such a situation may affect one or more operational areas or programs of the College and may occur as a result of declining enrollments, reduced funding from any source, reorganization, or other similar events. 

Involuntary Leave without Pay means a period of mandatory separation from work during which an employee may not take or use any form of paid leave. All state-mandated benefits shall continue to accrue during any period of leave without pay.

Furlough means a leave of absence without pay, usually temporarily.

Program Change means any elimination, curtailment or reorganization of an educational offering or support department which may or may not be related to a financial exigency.

Reduction in Force means the termination of an employee as a result of financial exigency or program change.

Termination means the cessation of employment due to a reduction in force.

Resignation of Employment An employee may choose to resign from working at Western Piedmont Community College for any reason and at any time with written notice.