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03.03.010.d Non-Curriculum Part-time Instructor Evaluations





Students and/or staff shall evaluate each new instructor’s performance during the first semester of teaching.  Thereafter, students’ annual evaluations of instructors shall occur each year using the College’s official evaluation forms.  Instructors shall be evaluated more frequently if the following occurs:

  1. High drop-out rate;
  2. Complaints from students;
  3. Complaints from facility supervisors;
  4. Complaints from staff; and/or
  5. Other indications of instructor deficiencies

Student evaluation forms are distributed to students during classes and returned to the either the Workforce & Professional Development office by the Director of Evening Activities Basic Skills personnel or the instructor.  Workforce & Professional Development and Basic Skills professional staff then prepare summary reports of the student evaluation forms.  Summary reports are reviewed and instructors are counseled when needed by Workforce & Professional Development or Basic Skills staff.  Summary reports are placed in the instructor’s personnel folder with a copy given to the instructor.  Evaluations will be utilized to determine future employment.