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03.03.010.c Instructional Personnel Evaluations





Administrative and Self Evaluations

All full-and part-time instructional personnel will be advised as to the evaluation criteria, procedures and instruments used annually. The formal evaluation process of the instructor’s professional activities will be conducted openly and with full knowledge and awareness.

For full and part-time instructional personnel, an administrative and self-evaluations will be conducted on the proper College forms.

  1. An administrative evaluation will be conducted during the first year of employment.
  2. Self-evaluations will be conducted each semester during the first year of employment.

Administrative and self-evaluations will be conducted yearly during the fall or spring semester for subsequent years.  The results of evaluations shall be clearly reported to the instructor by those individuals making the evaluation. Employees will have adequate opportunities to discuss the evaluation with their immediate supervisor. Instructional personnel are, in consultation with their supervisor, responsible for setting their personal goals for professional growth and for pursuing those goals.  If an instructor is not meeting the supervisor or College’s performance expectations, the Supervisor shall develop a professional growth plan to assist the instructor in improving.

The evaluation shall be signed by the person performing the evaluation and by the person being evaluated, who may attach a concise comment to the evaluation.  All evaluations are confidential information and will be maintained in the employee’s personnel file in the Office of Human Resources.

Student Evaluations 

Except as stated in Section III below, every instructor will be evaluated annually by students in at least one class during the designated semester.  The instructor and immediate supervisor will consult and agree upon one or more classes in which the Student Evaluation forms will be distributed.  Evaluations will be administered to the selected class(s) through the College’s evaluation system. The instructor will be absent from the class during the total evaluation process.

It shall be the responsibility of the instructor’s immediate supervisor to see that the results of the evaluations are tabulated and reviewed with the instructor.  The evaluation will be discussed with the appropriate Division Dean and Vice President for Academic Affairs.  The original student evaluations will be returned to the instructor with a summary evaluation maintained at the division level.  Division Deans and Department Heads are encouraged to review evaluations and compare them across courses, across semesters, and among instructors teaching the same courses.  Confidentiality is to be respected.  Student Evaluations are always to be used in conjunction with other evaluation instruments.