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03.02.170.a Criteria and Instructions





Request for tuition-free course forms are available in the Business Office.  The following provisions apply to this policy and procedure:

  1. The course may be taken during non-working hours or during off-duty times (with permission from the employee’s immediate supervisor); or
  2. The course may be taken during normal working hours with written authorization from the employee’s immediate supervisor and subject to the approval of the Vice President for Academic Affairs. Courses taken during working hours must be job-related.

When non-job-related courses cannot be taken outside of normal working hours, arrangements may be made to enroll during normal working hours provided compensatory work time is arranged and the immediate supervisor grants written authorization with the approval of the Vice President for Academic Affairs.

When courses are taken at an institution other than the College, the employee must make prior arrangements with the College’s Business Office, Registrar and/or Business Manager at the other institution to insure their cooperation and to document the employee’s status.  Approval is subject to that institution‘s regulations.  Employees must meet entrance requirements and any other prerequisite the offering institution has for that course. Any other fees associated with the course must be paid by the employee during the registration period (i.e., accident insurance, activity fee, and/or specific fees).

Additional courses may be taken after working hours with the understanding that the coursework may in no way interfere with the individual’s employment with the College.  Acceptance of employment is a commitment to render full-time service, and outside classroom activities and interests must not interfere with carrying out this commitment.