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03.02.140.a Longevity Recognition






The time and method of payment is as follows:  (1) longevity pay is automatic –  payment is made when all requirements are met; (2) longevity payment is made in a lump sum; (3) payment will be made with the regular monthly payroll; (4) if an employee retires, resigns, is otherwise separated or dies on or after the date of eligibility for a longevity payment, the payment will be made to the employee or to the deceased employee’s estate; (5) if an employee who has at least ten (10) years of service retires, resigns, is otherwise separated or dies before the date of longevity payment eligibility, a longevity payment computed on a pro-rata basis will be paid if all other eligibility requirements are met.  In the case of death, payment shall be made to the deceased employee’s estate.

Amount of Longevity Pay

Annual longevity pay amounts are based on the length of aggregate state service and a percentage of the employee’s annual rate of base pay on the date of eligibility.  Longevity pay amounts are computed by multiplying the employee’s base pay rate by the appropriate percentage:

Years of Aggregate State Service                              Longevity Pay Rate

10 but less than 15 years                                                      1.5 percent

15 but less than 20 years                                                      2.25 percent

20 but less than 25 years                                                      3.25 percent

25 or more years                                                                     4.50 percent

 Eligibility Requirements

An employee must have at least ten (10) years of aggregate service before being eligible for any longevity payments.  The employee must have a full-time regular appointment.  Credit for aggregate service will not be given for temporary full-time, temporary part-time, or periods of leave without pay in excess of one-half the workdays in a month, with the exception of military leave and workers’ compensation leave.