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03.02.130.j Workers Compensation Insurance





All College employees are covered by Workers’ Compensation Insurance for an injury while working.  State law requires a seven (7) day waiting period before workers’ compensation payments begin.  One of the following leave options may be chosen to cover time lost from work:

Option 1:  Elect to take sick or vacation leave during the required waiting period and then go on Workers’ Compensation leave and begin drawing workers’ compensation weekly benefits.  If the injury results in disability exceeding twenty one (21) days, no adjustment will be made in the leave used for these workdays.

Option 2:   Elect to go on Workers’ Compensation leave with no pay for the required waiting period and then begin drawing workers’ compensation weekly benefits.

Supplemental Leave:  Once the employee is receiving Workers’ Compensation benefits, he/she may also have the option to supplement his/her benefit by the use of partial sick or vacation leave earned prior to the injury or illness.  The amount allowed to be used will be in accordance with the state’s annually published schedule.  This supplemental leave use can provide an income approximately equal to the employee’s take home pay prior to the injury.

Once selection or waiver of any of the three (3) options described above has been made, it may not be changed for the duration of the claim.

In all cases, unused leave may be retained for future use.

In the event of an on-the-job serious injury, the employee shall report an Accident Injury-Report form to the Office of Human Resources.  Depending on the severity of the injury, the Office of Human Resources will refer the employee to the immediate care at a local hospital or to Burke Occupational Health.  The injured employee must notify a supervisor immediately of any accident regardless of how minor it may appear.  Claims must be filed through the Office of Human Resources.  Employees injured on the job in a compensable accident who require medical or therapy visits during regularly scheduled working hours in order to reach maximum medical improvement shall not be charged leave for time lost from work for required treatment.  Paid time will be limited to reasonable time for the treatment and travel; any excess time will be charged as sick or vacation/bonus leave or leave without pay.  While on workers’ compensation leave, an employee is considered in a pay status; therefore, coverage under the State’s health insurance program is continued.

When returning to work, employee are required to follow prescribed work restrictions both at work and, if telecommuting, at home.