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03.02.130.e Health Insurance





The College participates in the statewide group health insurance plan, which covers hospital and medical expenses and is available to employees at no additional cost.  Family and dependent coverage as well as higher levels of coverage is available at the employee’s expense.  Information for the State Health Plan options can be located here:  https://shp.nctreasurer.com/Pages/default.aspx

Full-time employees with less than a twelve (12) month appointments are treated as regular employees and their individual employee health insurance continues through the summer months of June, July and August following completion of their nine (9) month appointments.   For nine (9) month instructional personnel who choose to be paid as earned, any summer benefit premiums will be deducted from their pay in the months of March and April and escrow payments will be set up to cover the full summer months (June and July).

In the event that nine (9) month instructional personnel terminate their employment with the College and do not return to work at the beginning of the new academic year (i.e., typically, August 15th), the employee may be required to pay the employer’s portion of the summer benefit premiums.

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