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03.02.090.a Voluntary Leave Without Pay





A College employee going on leave without pay may exhaust vacation/bonus leave or may retain part of all accumulated leave until the employee returns, the only exception being:  (a) if an employee has accumulated vacation/bonus leave, all leave must be exhausted before going on leave without pay for vacation purposes;, and (b) if an employee requests leave for other personal reasons for a period not to exceed ten (10) workdays, vacation/bonus leave must be used if available; however, if the leave is for a period longer than ten (10) workdays, the employee may choose to use vacation/bonus leave or retain it for future use.

When exhausting leave, an employee continues to accumulate leave, is eligible to take sick leave, is entitled to holidays and is eligible for salary increases during that period.

Employees on leave with pay are entitled to remain on the group insurance policy and receive contributions from the State during the leave period.  Employees on leave without pay for one-half of the scheduled work days in a calendar month may continue insurance coverage on the group policy by paying the total (employee and employer contribution) to the College.  College contribution will resume the first of the month following reinstatement.