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03.02.070.a Sick Leave





Amount Earned

All full-time regular or probationary employee who are working or on paid leave for one-half or more of the regularly scheduled workdays in any month shall earn sick leave computed at the following rates:  eight (8) hours per month (for the period from July 1st to June 30th); however, faculty may not earn more than seventy two (72) hours per fiscal year.

Advancement of Sick Leave

The President may advance sick leave not to exceed the amount an employee can earn during the period from July 1st to June 30th (i.e., no more than seventy two (72) hours).  The President may also require a statement from a medical doctor or other acceptable proof that the employee was unable to work due to personal illness, family illness, or death in the family.

Use of Sick Leave

Sick leave may be used for illness or injury which prevents an employee from performing usual duties and for the actual period of temporary disability connected with childbearing and recovery.  Sick leave may also be used for medical appointments, illness of a member of the employee’s immediate family, or the death of a member of the employee’s immediate family.  For purposes of this policy, “immediate family” is defined as: spouse, parents, children, brother, sister, grandparents, or grandchildren.  Also included are step, half-, and in-law relationships.  Sick leave is non-transferable to any other type of leave.

Leave Charges

Employees and their supervisors are responsible for the accurate reporting of all sick leave taken in units of not less than one-quarter hour.  Instructional personnel should report his/her sick leave in proportionate time based on his/her schedule on the day(s) of absence.


Sick Leave Transferable

Unused sick leave may be transferred when an employee moves from the College to another community college, state agency or local government within North Carolina provided, however, that the agency is willing to accept this leave.  When an employee transfers to the College from another community college, state agency or local government within North Carolina, the employee’s sick leave from the other entity shall transfer to the College.

Payments of Sick Leave at Separation

Sick leave is not allowable in separation leave payments when an employee separates from State service.  Should an employee be separated before all of the sick leave taken has been earned, deductions shall be made from the employee’s final salary check for overdrawn leave on an hour-for-hour basis.  Sick leave shall be exhausted before going on leave without pay because of extended illness.  Partial days may be exhausted through the last full hour of leave.  While exhausting sick leave, all benefits for which the employee is entitled are earned.


Reinstatement of Sick Leave

Sick leave shall be reinstated when an employee returns from authorized leave without pay or when reinstated within five (5) years of any type of separation.  At the President’s discretion, sick leave may be reinstated when a new employee is hired within five (5) years after separating from a local government, public school, community college, technical institute, or State Personnel Act employment.

Retirement Credit

Earned monthly sick leave counts as creditable service.  One (1) month of credit is allowed for each twenty (20) days of unused sick leave upon retirement.  One (1) more month is allowed for any part of twenty (20) days left over.

Sick leave is used to increase creditable service, but sick leave cannot be used to meet the minimum qualifications for a deferred benefit.  Sick leave may be used to complete thirty (30) years of service, regardless of age.

Sick Leave Without Pay

After all available sick leave, including FMLA, has been exhausted, the President may, in his/her discretion, grant sick leave without pay as needed.  The employee may also exhaust vacation leave or may retain part or all of accumulated vacation leave.  Factors to be evaluated for determining eligibility for sick leave without pay may include, but are not limited to:  (a) physician evaluation; (b) length of service; (c) extent of disability; (d) ability of co-workers to pick up on responsibilities; (e) availability of competent part-time staff; and (f) whether the additional leave creates an undue burden for the College.

It is the College’s responsibility to maintain annual records for vacation leave earned and taken by each employee.  The Business Office processes leave on a monthly basis. The College maintains a month-by-month record of each employee’s leave.  It is the employee’s responsibility to record the leave and the supervisor’s responsibility to verify that the leave form is accurate.  Leave forms are sent to the Business Office through appropriate channels.