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03.01.020.g Hiring Process for Youth Workers






Workers under the age 18.

In order to protect the College from the unwitting violation of the minimum age standards under the Child Labor Act, the hiring of persons under the age 18 must be reviewed and approved by the Director of Human Resources.

Please complete and submit a WPCC Youth Employment Certificate, listing in detail the duties to be performed as well as any potential hazards.

Youth Workers will not be allowed to perform jobs as follows:

Hazardous/Detrimental Occupations (Not Permitted For Youth Under Age 18) [*Limited apprenticeship/student learner exemptions]:

  • Storing explosives/chemicals
  • Motor vehicle driving (limited exemption) and outside helper
  • Power-driven woodworking machines*
  • Power-driven metal forming, punching, shearing*
  • Power-driven paper products machines*
  • Power-driven circular saws, band saws, or guillotine shears*
  • Roofing operations*
  • Welding, brazing and torch cutting*
  • Any process where quartz or any form of silicon dioxide or asbestos silicate are present in powdered form*
  • Any work involving exposure to lead or any of its compounds in any form*
  • Any work involving exposure to benzene or any benzene compound which is volatile or can penetrate the skin*
  • Occupations in canneries, seafood and poultry processing which involve cutting or slicing machines, or freezing or packaging activities*
  • Any work which involves the risk of falling a distance of 10 feet or more, including ladders and scaffolds*
  • Any work as an electrician or electrician’s helper*
  • Any work in confined spaces*
  • Occupations requiring the use of respirators*

**NOTE: For more details on child labor/youth employment, go to: http://www.nclabor.com/wh/fact%20sheets/joint_state_fed.htm