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03.01.090.b Use of Student Interns





Western Piedmont Community College encourages arrangements with other institutions which allow their students to perform internships on our campus.  Human Resources, the appropriate Vice President and President must approve the use of a student intern before the intern can be assigned any responsibilities.  Interns will not be paid for their work at the College nor reimbursed for travel expenses except those incurred in assigned College business.  Interns should not be given full authority for decisions relating to their assignments at the College.  Final authority resides with the full-time College employees assigned to supervise the interns. The following procedures must be followed:

  1. A memorandum prepared by the supervisor giving information on the intern and the responsibility to be assigned. This will be routed through the line of authority to the President.  A letter of reference/referral from the intern’s home institution must accompany this memorandum;
  2. If the intern and the assignment is approved, a standard application for a position at the College will be completed and placed in the Office of Human Resources along with the memorandum, the letter of reference/referral, and approvals;
  3. When the intern comes to work, this person should be introduced to all of the administrators in the line of authority through the President and other faculty and staff with whom the intern will be closely working; and
  4. The intern, during the stay at the College, should be encouraged to make an appointment with the head of each major component of the College to find out the scope of activities of each component. The intern should also be encouraged to attend divisional and College committees to learn how they function.  Upon completing the assignment, the intern should complete a summary report of the activities conducted while at the College and an overall evaluation of their experience at the College.  This should be routed from the supervisor through the line of authority and placed in the personnel file.