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03.01.090.a Volunteer Assistance Overview





Volunteers may provide assistance to Western Piedmont Community College in a variety of ways to be determined by the appropriate Division Deans and Vice Presidents.  For efficient use of staff and volunteer time, volunteers will be asked to do only tasks that require minimal training.

Each volunteer shall receive an orientation session which will include: introduction to staff and facilities, review of appropriate policies, the College’s expectations and supervision and work review procedures.

Each volunteer will be trained and supervised by a full-time staff or faculty member.  The staff or faculty member who provides the volunteer’s training and supervision will be determined by the task the volunteer is asked to perform.

If a volunteer has difficulty performing a task (i.e., finding the task too tiring, making numerous errors, etc.), the volunteer may ask or be asked to perform a different task.  If there are no tasks that the volunteer can perform successfully, the volunteer will be asked to seek another agency for possible volunteer service.  Volunteer service may be discontinued at any time by either the volunteer or the College.

The use of volunteers should provide increased efficiency and effectiveness of College operations.  If the College determines that the use of a particular volunteer is having a negative impact on College services, that volunteer will be asked to discontinue his/her service.

Volunteer Requirements
Length of Service and Volunteer Reports and Evaluation