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03.01.070.c Professional Development for Faculty and Staff





The College recognizes the importance of continuing education, training and professional opportunities for employees in fulfilling its mission as a comprehensive community college. This procedure is also based on the premise that intellectual growth, personal enhancement and the acquisition of new skills will allow the College to provide the best possible educational programs and services to the students served.

The major goals of this on-going program of professional development are to acquire the necessary financial resources and release-time for implementation of a professional growth plan and to provide appropriate activities for all faculty and staff. The Professional Development Program supports the College’s three major objectives: (1) to hire and maintain a staff of competent employees committed to the mission of the College, (2) to satisfy the credential requirements of accrediting agencies; and (3) to encourage improved job performance and productivity. The Professional Development Program provides for personal growth in community life, interpersonal relationships and work attitudes as well as in job-related skills, knowledge and professional contacts.

Recognizing the critical role professional development plays in promoting student learning, the College requires each full-time instructional employee to earn a minimum of three (3) Continuing Education Units (CEUs) each year during the normal evaluation period (March to February). Employees and their supervisors will manage individual professional development through the employee’s annual professional growth self-evaluation process.  The Office of the Vice President for Academic Affairs has primary responsibility for promoting institution-wide professional development opportunities.  Evidence of CEU’s shall be maintained in an employee’s personnel file.