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03.01.060.c Exceptions to Required Degrees for Specific Courses





The President or his/her designee may make exceptions for teaching a course or courses without the above stated minimums in the following instances: documented excellence in the field of study, a bachelor’s degree for transfer courses, or an associate’s degree for non-transfer courses. Documentation of excellence in the field may include:

  1. Published documents written or electronic related to the field of study:
    • Nationally recognized books (either scholarly or popular);
    • Peer reviewed papers published in recognized publications (on-line or in print);
    • Awards for published work from nationally recognized organizations; or
    • Outstanding contributions as part of a team for a nationally recognized publication
  2. Excellence in teaching via awards or citations:
    • Teacher of the year or similar awards while teaching in the discipline or a related discipline at the higher education level;
    • Commendations for outstanding work done in the field as an instructor at the higher education level;
    • Research in the field at an advanced level; or
    • Documented research indicating a significant contribution in an area that directly relates to the field of study
  3. Work experience that clearly shows outstanding performance:
    • Service in a governmental or non-profit center directly applicable to the field of study;
    • Industry work in the field of study or a related field of study;
    • Small business experience in the field of study; or
    • Industry recognized certification

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