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03.01.050.c Staff Salary and Position Classification Plan





For purposes of this procedure, the term “staff” refers to both Non-Instructional and Exempt and Non-Exempt Staff, as set forth in Policy and Procedure 03.01.020.

The Western Piedmont Community College Staff Salary Plan (the “Plan”) was developed and implemented to determine the relative value of one job to another within the College (internal equity) as well as establish external “market” equity with other comparable jobs in the recruiting area outside the College.  The Plan, as adopted by the Board of Trustees, includes both levels and ranges for all established staff positions as well as a method for computation of actual salary.  Copies of the Plan are available to all employees through the College’s intranet or Office of Human Resources.

The President of the College, in consultation with Vice Presidents, establishes salaries for all College employees other than the President. This applies to all new hires as well as employees who may transfer from one position or level to another, whether temporarily or for ongoing periods.  Salaries for staff are based on position level ranges and take into consideration experience and certain market factors.

The Plan was developed utilizing the National Position Evaluation Plan as a basis, modified to reflect language more applicable to a community college environment.  The factors and criteria upon which each position is evaluated are more descriptive of the staff positions found in a community college and provide a more valid analysis in determining the differences between positions in terms of their relative requirements.  Each position is evaluated in terms of its minimum requirements to determine the degree of skill, effort, responsibility, and working conditions in relation to other positions within the College.  The positions are evaluated without considering the qualifications of the incumbents or their rates of pay.  Positions are also evaluated without regard to race, sex, age, national origin, veteran’s status, and physical or mental handicap.

In interviews with College management, and in accordance with the Plan’s criteria, each position has been evaluated based on eleven (11) separate requirement factors:


  • Knowledge
  • Experience


  • Complexity of duties
  • Supervision received


  • Impact of errors
  • Contacts with others (internal and external)
  • Confidential data


  • Mental attention/visual demands
  • Working conditions


  • Character of supervision
  • Scope of supervision


Positions that do not supervise other employees are not evaluated using the “Supervision” factors.

Each factor evaluated has up to six (6) degrees with a weighted point factor assigned to each degree.  Points are accumulated for each position and the total number of points for each position determines the level to which the position is assigned.

There are a total of twenty-one (21) position levels in the Plan.  Each position at the College is assigned to one of those levels.  The pay differential between each level is nine percent (9%).

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