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03.01.050.a Instructional Personnel Salary Schedule





The Instructional Personnel Salary Plan’s objective is to have the salary of every instructor, depending on their years of service and academic degree, at or above the respective level shown on the attached schedule. The schedule is based on an instructor’s salary over the course of thirty (30) years being fifty percent (50%) greater than the State mandated beginning minimum salary for that degree. The fifty percent (50%) difference is broken into thirty (30) equal steps because thirty (30) years is generally considered to be a College employee’s career. The schedule does not establish a salary range for a position but only ensures that instructors are being equitably compensated for their years of service by establishing a minimum salary that must be met or exceeded.  If the State changes the minimum required salary levels, the schedule will be revised by increasing each step of the schedule by the amount of the increase in the minimum salaries.

Each year, after the State has determined the amount of any State funded increases, the College will check to see if any instructor is below their appropriate step on the schedule. If so, and subject to the availability of funds, an adjustment will be made in the respective instructor’s salary to bring them up to the appropriate level on the schedule.

Instructional Personnel Salary Computation Worksheet
Special Increases in Instructional Personnel Salary Schedule