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03.01.050.a Instructional Personnel Salary Schedule





The Instructional Personnel Salary Plan’s objective is to have the salary of every instructor, depending on their years of service and academic degree, at or above the respective level shown on the attached schedule. The schedule is based on an instructor’s salary over the course of thirty (30) years being fifty percent (50%) greater than the State mandated beginning minimum salary for that degree. The fifty percent (50%) difference is broken into thirty (30) equal steps because thirty (30) years is generally considered to be a College employee’s career. The schedule does not establish a salary range for a position but only ensures that instructors are being equitably compensated for their years of service by establishing a minimum salary that must be met or exceeded.  If the State changes the minimum required salary levels, the schedule will be revised by increasing each step of the schedule by the amount of the increase in the minimum salaries.

Each year, after the State has determined the amount of any State funded increases, the College will check to see if any instructor is below their appropriate step on the schedule. If so, and subject to the availability of funds, an adjustment will be made in the respective instructor’s salary to bring them up to the appropriate level on the schedule.

Instructional Personnel Salary Computation Worksheet

The Instructional Personnel Salary Computation Worksheet is used to compute the annual salaries for new instructors, current staff who transfers to instructional positions, current adjunct instructors who become full time and instructors who transfer between curriculum divisions. The college may limit years of experience in the calculation. This worksheet shall be approved by the appropriate personnel and kept in the employee’s personnel file.

However, in the event there is a shortage of qualified candidates available for the position or it is determined to be in the best interest of the College to employ an individual with a particular set of skills relevant to the position, a “Demand Factor” may be applied to the salary computation worksheet. Any requests for a demand factor must be approved by the President of the College.

Special Increases in Instructional Personnel Salary Schedule
Department Heads:

Department heads carry additional responsibilities above those of coordinators and instructors. The position of Department Head shall be considered “at will”.  In recognition of those additional responsibilities, department heads will be paid, subject to the availability of funds, based on a determined by a salary plan. The department head will also receive a two (2) course release. Department Heads will be approved annually at the beginning of each academic year.

When the College relieves an instructor of his/her department head responsibilities, the instructor shall forfeit the related salary supplement and release time. However, there will be no loss of years of service or any other benefits available to the instructor.


Coordinators carry additional responsibilities above those of an instructor. The position of Coordinator shall be considered “at will”.  The need for a coordinator will be determined by the division dean with the approval of the Vice President for Academic Affairs. Coordinators will be appointed annually at the beginning of each academic year and will be paid, subject to the availability of funds, based on a determined salary plan.  Generally, coordinators will receive no release time. If, however, special circumstances exist, the appropriate dean may make a request to the Vice President for Academic Affairs for release time for a coordinator for up to one (1) course per year.

At the point an instructor no longer has coordinator responsibilities, the supplement and any release time, if any, will be forfeited but there will be no loss of years of service or any other benefits available to the instructor.

Advanced Degrees:

The College encourages its employees to advance their education by pursuing and achieving advance degrees.  For full-time instructional personnel in regularly allotted positions who earn an academic degree higher than the one held at the time of employment, or an additional degree, shall receive a pay increase according to the following conditions:

  • The instructor must receive approval in writing (Request for Educational Salary Level Increase) from the appropriate Vice President before the coursework begins, which indicates that additional compensation will be forthcoming subsequent to the degree being awarded. Instructors should use the form entitled “Request for Educational Salary Level Increase”. The appropriate Vice President shall review any request and determine whether or not a salary increase is (1) financially feasible; (2) whether the advanced degree is relevant to the instructor’s duties; and (3) whether the advanced degree will assist the instructor in the performance of his or her duties.  The Vice President shall submit a recommendation to the Director of Human Resources and to the President.  All advanced degree salary increases are subject to the approval of the College President.
  • The instructor must provide evidence of coursework completion and the degree awarded.
  • The degree must be conferred by an institution of higher education accredited by one of the six regional accrediting agencies recognized by the U.S. Department of Education and must be directly related to the instructor’s work at the College. International degrees must be independently evaluated by a nationally recognized agency and must be directly related to the instructor’s work at the College.
  • The awarding of a salary increase for an earned higher degree or additional degree shall not influence the decision as to an instructor’s merit pay. Any such merit pay is based on factors other than the attainment of an additional or higher degree.
  • Degrees acceptable for the increase are: Bachelors, Masters and Doctorate.
  • No increase shall be given for the attainment of the next higher degree to instructors hired with the written understanding that they complete such a degree as a condition for continued employment.
  • During periods of limited budget availability, the Board and the General Assembly may declare a moratorium on implementing pay increases for earned higher degrees with the provision that instructors who otherwise qualify would receive their increase at the beginning of the next fiscal year after which funds become available. In such cases, no retroactive increase will be provided to compensate for the moratorium period.
  • Upon attaining an additional or higher degree, the salary increase will be implemented at the beginning of the next fiscal year Instructors who are candidates to receive an advanced degree must notify the Director of Human Resources by May 1st to be eligible to receive the salary increase at the next effective date.
  • The amount of the annual pay increase shall be set in accordance with the following table, and should elevate the instructor’s pay to the appropriate step on the instructional personnel salary schedule:

Entry LevelBachelorsMastersDoctorate
Instructional Personnel:

Per mandate from the General Assembly, all full-time instructional personnel appointments shall be on a nine (9) month basis.  Supplemental appointments of one (1), two (2) or three (3) month durations will be written if additional workload so demands.


Summer Employment for Instructional Personnel:


Summer employment for instructional personnel is not guaranteed.  The rate of pay for summer employment for instructional personnel shall adhere to the state recommendations for adjunct instructors.  For those instructors who are asked or who have requested additional hours during the summer:

  • These hours may include, but not limited to: curriculum development, department duties and coverage, advising and special projects.
  • All hours are requested by the division dean.
  • Supplemental appointments for these additional hours will be produced upon approval from the Vice President for Academic Affairs.
  • Additional hours are not guaranteed.