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03.01.040.b Non-Exempt Employees





All employees are expected to be characterized by high professional standards and by a concern for the rights and feelings of their colleagues.

  • The employment of an individual in a particular position is based on the assumption that the employee is qualified to fulfill the requirements of the position, and that the employee will make every effort to carry out the duties and responsibilities assigned to the position.
  • Persons accepting employment at Western Piedmont Community College are required to recognize the legal basis and structure responsible for the continuing development of the Community College system in North Carolina and to support the objectives of the total program of Western Piedmont Community College.
  • Each employee is expected to provide friendly and courteous service to faculty, staff, and the general public.
  • Each employee is expected to become familiar with the various procedures and channels provided by the employee’s supervisor.
  • Each employee is expected to report to work on time.
  • Written evaluations shall be completed under established policy and procedure on each individual by the employee’s immediate supervisor; and the supervisor will discuss the evaluation with the individual being evaluated.
  • Monthly time sheets are required for non-exempt employees.