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03.01.040.a Instructional and Other Exempt Employees





All instructional and other exempt employees shall fulfill the requirements of their position and shall make every effort to carry out their assigned duties and responsibilities.

  • The employment of an individual in a particular position is based on the assumption that the employee is qualified to fulfill the requirements of the position and will make every effort to carry out the duties and responsibilities assigned to the position.
  • Persons accepting employment at Western Piedmont are required to recognize the legal basis and structure responsible for the continuing development of the North Carolina Community College System and to support the objectives of the total program of Western Piedmont Community College.
  • Each exempt employee will have responsibility in some or all of the following areas of the College operations: recruiting, counseling, advising, teaching, placement, and administrative.
  • Each exempt employee is strongly encouraged to join and actively participate in at least one appropriate professional organization. The College, within the framework provided by state and local fiscal policies, encourages attendance at all levels of professional meetings.
  • Employees are expected to continuously seek and implement ways to improve their own professional growth and the professional status of the College in such ways that their developing competencies will be recognized.
  • Each exempt employee is encouraged to be an active member in the community, which this College serves.
  • Each exempt employee should be familiar with the various procedures and channels provided through the several published documents – N.C.G.S. § 115D, North Carolina Administrative Code, By-Laws of the Board of Trustees, College Catalogue, and Policy Manual – and will follow such procedures in implementing the College’s programs.
  • The continuing development and success of Western Piedmont Community College are directly dependent upon support derived from cooperative work, effective teaching, positive attitude, and compatible philosophy demonstrated by each staff member.
  • The College shall guarantee and protect academic freedom as it is applied to each member of the College community and, in turn, shall require the exercise of responsible judgement in the use of such freedom by each individual.
  • Written evaluations shall be completed under established policy and procedure on each individual by the immediate supervisor, and the supervisor will discuss the evaluation with the individual being evaluated.
  • Members of the staff are expected to be characterized by professional and ethical attitudes and actions, and maintain a concern and respect for the rights and feelings of their colleagues.
  • Each exempt employee should have a firm commitment to and a concern for the institution’s total program while working with a constructive attitude toward achieving the goals of the College, with a demonstrated willingness to personally participate and to carry an equitable share of the overall activities.