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03.01.020.e Part-time and Temporary Non-exempt Employment





Recruitment Process

When a budgeted part-time and/or temporary non-exempt position needs to be filled, the appropriate Supervisor/Department Head shall begin the recruitment process. The Supervisor shall have discretion as to how to solicit and seek appropriate and qualified applicants and the interview process.  The Supervisor shall forward his/her recommendation to the appropriate Vice President.  Upon review of the Supervisor’s recommendation, the Vice President shall either ask the Supervisor to submit another applicant for approval or shall recommend the applicant to the President.  The President shall review the Vice President’s recommendation and make a final determination.  The Supervisor shall notify the applicant of the determination.  All part-time and temporary non-exempt employees are subject to criminal background checks as required.

Miscellaneous Provisions
  • Notification to Human Resources: Once an offer of employment has been made and accepted, the Supervisor shall make an appointment with the new employee to meet with Human Resources to take care of all new hire paperwork.
  • Notification to Payroll: Human Resources will enter data obtained from new hire forms in order for payroll processing.
  • Background Checks: All candidates recommended for hire in part-time positions will be subject to a criminal history record check as required in an effort to determine if the candidate has the proper character and integrity to perform the responsibilities of the position. Depending on specific position responsibilities, other background checks, such as credit analysis and driving history, may be required of recommended candidates and current employees.  The candidate or employee may be required to provide any other information necessary to conduct the criminal history check.  All applicable background checks will be conducted at the College’s expense.


A.  If a recommendation candidate has a history of criminal activity, it will be considered along with other information, including any explanation from the applicant, to determine whehter the applicant should be hired.  The employment decision will be based on whether the candidate: (1) poses a threat to the physical safety of students or personnel; or (2) has demonstrated that he or she may not have the integrity or honesty to fullful the duties of the position.  Background information will be researched and evaluated in a consistent and non-discriminatory manner.

B.  False or omitted information on an employment application or failure to report criminal history information may be a basis for denying employment.  Results of applicable background record checks will be handled according to state guidelines.