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03.01.020.b Employment Classifications





Instructional Personnel
  • Full-Time Regular Instructor: A position allotted to the College under the State budget and internally allocated within the College to a division or program.  The College does not classify full-time instructors by rank; however, certain instructors may be assigned the additional responsibility of “Program Coordinator” or “Department Head”.
  • Part-Time Regular Instructor: A position allotted within the College to a division or program on a semester basis and is filled by an instructor paid on an hourly basis under a short-term contract.
  • Full-Time and Part-Time Temporary Instructors: A position temporarily allocated within the College to a division or program.  All full-time and part-time temporary instructors serve on the basis of the terms and conditions specified in their contracts and have no expectation or obligation of continued employment beyond that term specified in the contract.

Exempt staff includes, but is not limited to: Vice Presidents; Division Deans; Directors; Librarians; Coordinators (non-curriculum instructional and may vary depending on the position responsibilities and duties); Controllers; and such other employees as may be classified in their job description and letter of appointment. All exempt staff shall be considered “at will” employees.


Non-exempt staff includes all College employees not otherwise listed in sections A and B, above.   All non-exempt staff shall be employed by the President and shall receive a letter of appointment. This letter of appointment shall specify the job title, provide a job description and the salary rate for the position.  In the event that the employee transfers to another position within the non-exempt staff category, the President shall issue a new letter of appointment for the new position.  All non-exempt staff shall be considered “at will” employees.