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Western Piedmont Community College’s philosophy of “lifelong learning,” sustaining personal growth, expanding horizons, and making new friends, is well represented in this varied array of continuing education courses focusing on applied arts, music, history, recreation, computer skills, healthy lifestyles and cultural studies. There are no tests and no academic requirements. Informal class sessions encourage comments, questions, and lively discussions.




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Computers, Technology, Software

Culinary, Food & Beverage

Day Trips & Tours

                • Experience outdoor adventure and nature walks or visit a museum or historic site
                • See all current cultural and historic trip classes


Health & Wellness

History and Culture

Home Design/Repair

Gardening & Sustainable Living

                • Classes in landscaping, gardening, floral design, interior decorating, and architecture.
                • See all current home and garden classes

Life Enrichment

                • Explore the human experience and enhance your creativity.
                • See all current life enrichment classes

Outdoor Recreation

                • Learn the art of bluegrass, classical guitar, and other instruments.
                • See all current outdoor recreation classes

Personal Finance

                • Classes focusing on saving and investing, credit and debt, and becoming savvy about personal money management.
                • See all current personal finance classes


Professional Crafts

Sign Language

Online ed2go Course Offerings

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      Events in April 2017–March 2018

      • -
        Revolutionary War in the South
      • -
        Genealogy 101
        Microsoft Excel 2013: The Basics
      • -
        Figurative Clay Sculpture: The Human Head
      • -
        Turning Small Lathe Objects
      • -
        Cowpens & Kings Mountain Class & Tour
      • -
        Internet and Email Basics
      • -
        Turning Wood Bowls
      • -
        Basics of Car Maintenance for the Novice
      • -
        Beer Club
      • -
        Civil War in the East
      • -
        Introduction to Adobe Photoshop Elements
      • -
        Microsoft Word 2013: The Basics
      • -
        Bicycle Basic Repairs and Maintenace
        Bicycle Basic Repairs and Maintenace
        The What If’s of Gettysburg
      • -
        Averasboro and Bentonville Class & Tour
      • -
        Bicycle Basic Repairs and Maintenace
      • -
        Pottery Mold Making Techniques
      • -
        Battlefields of Gettysburg & Sharpsburg – Tour 1
      • -
        Battlefields of Manassas I & II – Tour 2

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Note:  All classes are self-supporting. Self-supporting classes are classes not supported by state dollars. All costs associated with these classes are paid through student registration fees.