Pathfinder: Anthropology Resources



How to Find Books in the WPCC Library

Use our library catalog, found at one of our catalog terminals near the library entrance or online here. By default, the catalog opens to a simple keyword search. If you want to search by a specific title or author, choose the browse search mode under the “search” key at top of page. Try different keywords if your first search does not bring results. There is great value in browsing the shelf area where you have found a relevant book. Look in the section of the shelves marked “GN” to find books specifically about anthropology.


Selected Reference Books

  • The Cambridge Encyclopedia of Human Evolution (Ref. GN 28LC345 1992)
    This book provides a comprehensive introduction to study of the development of the human species and places the modem human in an evolutionary progression. It covers such topics as the brain and language, the primate fossil record, and genetic clues of relatedness. A glossary, bibliography of further reading, and index are included.
  • The Dictionary of Anthropology (Ref. GN 307 .D485 1997)
    This book is good for understanding concepts in a general way or identifying tenns used in anthropology. Further readings are given, and within each entry, words that are entries elsewhere in the dictionary are in all caps.
  • Encyclopedia of Cultural Anthropology (Ref. GN 307 .E52 1996)
    These signed articles reference the maj or works of a number of topics about humans and human behavior. They give cross-references and include a good-sized bibliography. Broad-ranging examples are given. An index is contained in the fourth volume.
  • Encyclopedia of Social and Cultural Anthropology (Ref. GN 307 .E648 1996)
    Like the previous entry, this work serves as a good introduction to topics and a means to more information. However, the entries are shorter in this work than in the previous, words within the text that are main entries elsewhere in the dictionary are marked with an asterisk, and words within the text that are entries in the biographical appendix are marked with a dagger. It is also more scholarly in tone than the previous.
  • The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Mankind (Ref. GN 307 .144 1989)
    The first 15 volumes of this set give well-illustrated descriptions of over 500 different cultures around the world, usually 2-4 pages in length. Volumes 16-20 have articles on man and society, covering such topics as art of the body and social organization. These articles draw examples and illustrations from many different times and cultures. Volume 21 covers the origins of mankind and is organized by place and the progression of time. The final volume, number 22, is a comprehensive index.


Where to Look for Online Periodical Articles

There are two main groups of online databases offered by the library: NC Live and the Academic OneFile. If
you want to access these resources from home, you will need to sign a form (available at the circulation desk)
to obtain the passwords.

NC Live

  • NC Live provides access to more than 60 databases. Some are general, covering a wide range of material, and some are subject-specific. Four good places to begin your search are:
  • Academic Search Premier
  • Newspaper Source
  • EZ-search- searching option, available on the opening screen of NC Live, searches over 30 of NC Live’s databases simultaneously. Note that on your results screen, you can click the hyperlinked words “full text” by the databases’ names. This will bring you to the full text articles the search found rather than just abstracts and citations. These databases contain full-text articles on many topics, including anthropology, from several thousand magazines and journals, or, in the case of Newspaper Source, from a number of newspapers.

Thompson Gale Academic OneFile Database

This is an excellent source for full-text articles. Start by searching for one or two keywords about your research
topic in the advanced search, putting each one in a different search box.

If your search retrieved too many articles, try narrowing your search by adding keywords. You might want to click the box that limits the search to full-text articles. Be aware that the way to full text might involve a few steps. Just follow the links and ask a librarian if you cannot find the article.

Periodical titles include:

  • American Anthropologist
  • Annual Review of Anthropology
  • Anthropological Linguistics
  • Anthropological Quarterly
  • Anthropology & Education Quarterly
  • The Canadian Review of Sociology
  • Chinese Sociology and Anthropology
  • Cultural Anthropology
  • Journal of Latin American Anthropology
  • Man
  • Mankitul (Sydney, Australia)
  • Medical Anthropology Quarterly
  • Oceania
  • Anthropology


Websites for further information

  • Anthropology in the News – anthropology and archaeology news gathered from newspapers, journals and other media world-wide by the department of anthropology at Texas A & M university.
  • AcademicInfo: Anthropology – directory of internet resources on anthropology and anthropological research.