Notary Public

The Notary Public Certification is managed by the North Carolina Secretary of State. Learn more about being a Notary Public in North Carolina.

Notary Public Education provides individuals with the opportunity to become or renew their standing as a Notary with the state of North Carolina. This course of study meets the state guidelines for instruction.  A current notary book is required. The book can be purchased through the WPCC Bookstore. Visit the Bookstore online, give them a call at (828) 448-3186, or e-mail

It is recommended that you register at least one week prior to the class you want to attend.  This will allow time for you to read the guidebook which must be read prior to class.  There are no waivers and no refunds for this class.    

» Eligibility Requirements for Initial Appointment
» Eligibility Requirements for Reappointment

Please review the website for the notary division at for additional information.

To register for a Notary class, click a date below and follow the instructions to enroll.

For more information call (828) 448-6037

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