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What are online courses?

An online course is one delivered over the Internet using web pages, e-mail, online discussion forums, etc.Western Piedmont Community College offers a selection of full credit college courses over the Internet, as a flexible alternative to traditional, on-campus classes. Online courses cover the same content as their traditional counterparts on campus.

What are the recommended browsers for online courses?

AOL, MSN, CompuServe, Prodigy are some NOT recommended for online classes. View Blackboard’s compatible browser configuration to determine what browsers are certified and/or compatible with your specific platform.

How do online courses work?

Online students “attend”class by accessing the class web pages and completing assignments according to the class schedule.  Students are required to complete assignments according to the class schedule, to maintain regular contact with the instructor, and to participate in online class discussions.  Online courses run on the same semester schedule as on campus classes.

Do I have to come to campus?

Some online classes require you attend an orientation session at the beginning of the semester. Also, for some hybrid classes you may need to come to campus to attend scheduled class meetings, check out videos, or take tests.  Check with your instructor to find out if on-campus attendance is required for a particular class.

How will I be graded in this course?

Students enrolled in an online course receive a grade just as they would in a traditional course. Each course has its own grading scale. Contact the instructor, or view the distance learning syllabi online.

What happens if my computer crashes?

Students will be allowed to work on assignments using the on-campus open lab computers. Contact your instructor immediately if this happens, and he/she will explain the procedure for gaining access to the on-campus open lab.

Can anyone take an online course?

Western Piedmont has an open door policy, and follows the same procedures for taking online courses as it does for traditional courses.  For information about a specific class, contact the instructor or the admissions office.

How do I register for an online course?

The Online Registration card will be available during registration periods for students wanting to enroll in an online course (certain criteria applies).  You can also contact Student Services for additional registration information.

Will I have to buy software, textbooks,, or other materials?

Most classes require you purchase a textbook for the course.  Some courses also require special software which students can often purchase at discount prices through the school.  Contact the course instructor for specific information about the necessary materials needed.

Do I have to have to be online at a certain time each day (or week)?

No, but you are required to “keep up” with the class schedule and to complete assignments on or before the due date.  You can choose the time of day or night you want to log on to the Internet to work on an assignment, but you must complete it and “turn it in” by the specified date and time.

What skills do I need to be successful in an online course?

Taking a course over the Internet requires the ability to work independently, and to devise your own regular schedule for “attending” class and completing assignments. See what it takes to be a successful distance learning student.

How much time do I get to complete a course?

Online courses begin and end on specific dates that coincide with the regular semester.  The schedule of coursework, assignments, and due dates are determined by each instructor.

What if I start an online class and decide it's just not for me?

Contact your instructor immediately and he/she will help you facilitate the proper procedure for withdrawing.

Where can I get help if I run into a technical problem?

The instructor for each course is your primary contact for questions or problems you may have during the class. You can reach your instructor by email or telephone. If you need help face-to-face assistance, you can schedule an appointment with your instructor. If your instructor is unable to assist you with a technical issue he/she will forward your problem on to the distance learning System Administrators.

Can I get a WPCC degree online?

At this time WPCC only offers the A.A.S. in Paralegal Technology online.  However we are continually working to increase our distance learning courses to meet the needs of our students.

Can I take an online course even if I don't have my own computer?

Yes. Western Piedmont has an open lab, Carr Hall 234, available to all enrolled students. For information about the procedure for gaining access to the on-campus open lab, contact your instructor or call the lab office at 448-6069.