Financial Aid Student Rights

Students have the right to know:

  • The types of financial assistance available at WPCC including federal, state, and local financial aid programs.
  • The standards of how financial aid recipients are chosen.
  • How to apply for the different financial aid programs and the deadlines for each.
  • The type of financial assistance received and how the amounts of each were determined.
  • How and when the financial aid will be distributed.
  • How cost of attendance budget was developed at WPCC (tuition/fees, books and supplies, personal and miscellaneous expenses, etc.)
  • What resources are considered when calculating your financial need (Assets, other financial aid, parental contribution, etc.).
  • The policy for withdrawals and refunds for students who drop out.
  • How WPCC determines whether you are making satisfactory academic progress and the consequences if you are not.


  • Maintaining communication with the College and keeping on file with the Record’s Office at all times a current address, including zip code and telephone number.
  • Notifying the Financial Aid office of any financial assistance from sources outside the College to prevent the over-award of federal funds.
  • Completing financial aid applications entirely and accurately and submitting them to WPCC by the established deadlines.
  • Supplying all additional documentation, verification, corrections, and/or new information requested by the Financial Aid office.
  • Accepting responsibility for all signed agreements; therefore, read, understand, and keep copies of all financial aid correspondence they are asked to sign.
  • Notifying the Financial Aid office of all changes: new addresses, new names, change of marital status, change of major, or other changes.
  • Notifying the Financial Aid office if withdrawing from classes, adding classes, or withdrawing from the College.
  • Being aware of WPCC’s withdrawal and refund policy.
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