Distance Learning FAQ's

What are online courses?

Online courses are delivered through a learning management system (Moodle), which requires Internet access.  Additional resources that might be used in online courses include (but are not limited to): websites, e-mail, discussion forums, video conferencing, videos, etc.  Western Piedmont Community College offers a variety of both curriculum and continuing education online courses.  Online courses cover the same content as their traditional on-campus counterparts.

Section numbers:  WPCC online courses are identified in the Class Schedule with section numbers ranging from 40 to 49.  Some section 61 courses are actually online courses, however they may require students to take proctored examinations.

How do online courses work?

Internet and computer access is required in order for a student to be able to complete an online course.  Although many local businesses provide free wifi access, relying on the access available through free public wifi is not sufficient enough to complete an online course.  All online courses will have work that must be completed and submitted via the Internet on a weekly basis, and many courses will have multiple assignments due within the same week.  While smartphones all have Internet capabilities, it is not always optimal to complete online coursework on a phone.  Some online courses operate on software that is not compatible with a phone.  This is not a valid excuse for not submitting an assignment on time.

Attendance:  Attendance in online courses is measured by assignment due dates.  If an online assignment is not completed on or before the due date, then an absence will be recorded.  Most courses will not allow students to miss more than 20% of the course. If too many absences are recorded in an online course, you will be dropped from the course.

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