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CPR Schedule 2015

CPR for Healthcare Providers-BLS


ClassSectionBeginEndDaysBeginning TimeEnding TimeCostRoom
CPR-HCP43279MAY 16MAY 16SAT8:00 AM5:00 PM$70HEC 234
CPR-HCP43434MAY 19MAY 21T,TH6:00 PM10:00 PM$70HEC 234
CPR-HCP43435JUN 9JUN 11T,TH6:00 PM10:00 PM$70HEC 234
CPR-HCP43280JUN 13JUN 13SAT8:00 AM5:00 PM$70HEC 234
CPR-HCP43281AUG 8AUG 8SAT8:00 AM5:00 PM$70HEC 234
CPR-HCP43282SEP 5SEP 5SAT8:00 AM5:00 PM$70HEC 234
CPR-HCP43284NOV 14NOV 14SAT8:00 AM5:00 PM$70HEC 234


Heartsaver CPR & First Aid









CPR & First Aid (American Heart Association)

This classroom course teaches basic CPR skills and the use of an AED. This course provides training for anyone who  wants to learn basic CPR and AED use for adults, children, and infants. Basic First Aid is taught in the second half  of the day and teaches students critical skills to manage an emergency in the first few minutes. Course completion will certify anyone in CPR/AED and First Aid for 2 years.

BLS/CPR for the Healthcare Provider (American Heart Association)

The CPR for Healthcare Providers classroom course is designed to provide a wide variety of healthcare professionals the ability to recognize several life-threatening emergencies, provide CPR, use an AED, and relieve choking.  Course completion will certify anyone in CPR-HCP for 2 years.  Intended for people working in healthcare settings.

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