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Chip Hope

Chip Hope created the award winning Sustainable Agriculture curriculum program at Western Piedmont Community College in Morganton, NC, where he is an instructor as well as Department Head of Engineering. He earned his Master’s degree in Plant and Environmental Science from Clemson University, focusing on IPM and heirloom plants. For many years he owned Appalachian Seeds Farm and Nursery, specializing in growing and selling open pollinated and heirloom vegetables, culinary and medicinal herbs, edible landscape plants, and heritage breed livestock. Having sold their business and mountain homestead in Burnsville, NC, his family is now creating a new farm in Collettsville, NC. He is well known for his work with heirloom tomatoes, and is passionate about growing food and medicine and sharing his experience with others.

“I think that one of the most important things you can do for your health, and the health of your children…your parents…your friends, and family, is to grow food and medicine. Right here. Right now. You don’t need a farm, or even a shovel. Join us to learn about becoming more self sufficient. We’ll be talking heirloom crops, seed saving, organic gardening practices, and sharing information and inspiration to help you along your journey in sustainable living.”

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