Advising FAQs

Why do I need academic advising?
What does an advisor do?
What is the difference between my faculty advisor and Master Advisor?
How do I know who my faculty advisor is?
Do I need an appointment?
When and how often do I need to meet with my faculty advisor?
What should I discuss with my advisor?
What do I need to bring to an advising appointment?
Do I have to see an advisor to register for classes?
What do I do if my advisor is not available?
Can I change my advisor?
Is e-advising available?


When can I register?
When can I add or drop classes?
How do I see what classes are being offered each semester?
How do I see what classes are being offered online?
Where do I find the college catalog?

New/Transfer/Returning Students

If I don't attend for a semester, do I have to reapply?
How do I know whether courses I took at another institution transferred?
Am I able to take a class at another institution?


How do I change my major?
How do I double major?
What if I am undecided about my major?
How do I know what classes are required for my major?

Academic Policies

Can my advisor tell my parents what courses I am taking or what grades I have earned?
How do I drop or withdraw from a class?

Academic Policies

Where can I find a tutor if I need one?
How should I prepare for Placement Testing?
How do I schedule a placement test?
If I have a disability, how do I get help?
I have questions about Financial Aid, who can help?
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