Advising FAQs

Why do I need academic advising?

Academic Advisors assist you in creating a successful academic plan that helps you translate your life goals, and interests into an effective educational experience. Academic Advisors also help you understand and navigate academic requirements, polices, and procedures and can help with course selection.

What does an advisor do?

Academic advisors provide intensive advising support through regular contact with their advisees. Advisers help students explore various fields of interest, select a specific academic program of study, research career options that relate to their programs, and develop plans of study appropriate for their educational goals. They also refer students to other campus offices for assistance in academic, personal, and career counseling; academic skills development; and financial aid.

What is the difference between my faculty advisor and Master Advisor?

Master Advisors handle the new student intake process, and can advise for all academic programs at WPCC. Faculty Advisors advise students that are enrolled in their academic division. These advisors are responsible for class scheduling/registration, and will meet with students frequently throughout the semester to monitor their academic progress.

How do I know who my faculty advisor is?

To find out who your faculty advisor is, please follow these steps:

1. Log in to Pioneer Pass

2. Click on Students Menu

3. In the right-hand column under Academic Profile, select “My profile”

4. Under Academic Information, you will find your Advisor’s name and e-mail address.

Do I need an appointment?

You do not need an appointment to meet with an Advisor in the Advising Center.  We welcome drop-ins!  The Advising Center has staff available to speak with you Monday-Thursday from 8:00AM – 7:00PM and Friday from 8:00AM – 5:00PM.

If you wish to speak with your Faculty Advisor, please call or e-mail them to arrange an appointment, as their office hours vary.

When and how often do I need to meet with my faculty advisor?

We encourage you to meet with your faculty advisor multiple times throughout the semester to review academic progress, ask questions, and set goals. You need to meet with your advisor at least once a semester in order to register for the upcoming semester.

What should I discuss with my advisor?

Students should bring ALL personal or academic questions and concerns to their advisors, so the advisor can properly assist the student, and make them aware of the available resources that can help solve the issue.

What do I need to bring to an advising appointment?

Students should bring a list of classes that they would like to take during the coming semester. Also, students should bring a list of questions or concerns that they would like to discuss with their advisor.

Do I have to see an advisor to register for classes?

Yes, Western Piedmont requires that you see your faculty advisor before you register for classes each semester. All students have a restriction on their account that can only be lifted once they meet with their advisor.

What do I do if my advisor is not available?

Contact the Dean of the division and they will assist in advising.

Can I change my advisor?

There are 2 steps students must complete before they will be allowed to change their advisor.

1. Student must find new advisor and get permission to be an advisee from that advisor.

2. Students must report to the Records Department and complete a Program/Profile Change Form

Is e-advising available?

We hope to offer e-advising soon.  Please keep checking back with us!


When can I register?

If you are a current student (been enrolled at WPCC within the last 3 semesters), you qualify for Early Advising and Registration. For Summer Registration, Early Advising is April 13 – 17, 2015.  Early Registration is April 20 – 24, 2015.

If you are a brand new student, or a student returning after more than 3 semesters, you will register during Regular Registration.  For Summer 2015, Regular Registration will be Wednesday, May 27, 2015.

When can I add or drop classes?

During Regular Registration day(s) students can drop or add courses through Pioneer Pass.
From the first day of the term through the 10% point of the semester the student must come to Student Services to complete the Official Course Refund Request Form. Refunds up to the 10% point of the semester will be 75% of tuition and fee charges.

After the 10% point of the semester, students must inform the course instructor, who will complete and submit the Withdrawal notification. There are no tuition refunds for any course withdrawals after the 10% point of the semester.

Please refer to dates published each term in the Semester Guide.  When in doubt about the proper procedure, contact the Advising Center at (828) 448-6046.

How do I see what classes are being offered each semester?

Please click here to view the class schedule.

How do I see what classes are being offered online?

Please click here to view the online and hybrid courses offered.

* Please note – Hybrid courses are not completely online, as they have an in-class, seated component.  If there are “Start Times” and “End Times”, a seated class is required.  Please read the course schedule carefully.

Where do I find the college catalog?

Please click here to access the college catalog.

New/Transfer/Returning Students

If I don't attend for a semester, do I have to reapply?

You are considered a current student and do not have to reapply if you have been enrolled in Western Piedmont within the last three semesters.  If you haven’t attended in more than three semesters you will need to reapply.  If you are unsure as to your last date of attendance, contact the Advising Center at (828) 448-6046 and we can look it up.

How do I know whether courses I took at another institution transferred?

Only courses completed with a “C-” or better that are applicable to your current program of study are considered for transfer credit. You may review the courses transferred in Pioneer Pass by clicking “Transcript” under the Academic Profile section. Grades from courses earned elsewhere do not transfer, only the credit earned. Transcripts are evaluated based on the stipulations set forth in the College Catalog.

Am I able to take a class at another institution?

Yes. To qualify for any degree or diploma, a student must take 30 SHC at Western Piedmont, including the final 10 SHC. In addition, 50 percent of the total semester hour’s credit listed in the Core or Required Major Hours category of the program of study must be taken at WPCC. In no case shall the combined total of any transfer credit hours, credits by examination, credit for external examinations, or course substitutions represent more than one-half of the specified number of hours required for the degree or diploma toward which students are applying those credits.


How do I change my major?

Come to the Advising Center and fill out a Profile/Program Change Form.  If you receive Financial Aid, you will need to clear your major change with the Financial Aid office prior to turning in the form.

How do I double major?

Come to the Advising Center and speak to either Jennifer Propst of Amanda Rhea.  If you receive Financial Aid, you will need to clear the major addition with the Financial Aid office first.

What if I am undecided about my major?

If you are undecided about what major to pursue, we recommend setting up an appointment with our Career Counselor, Vicki Holder.   You may contact Vicki Holder at (828) 448-3565 or

How do I know what classes are required for my major?

Find your program listed in the Academic Catalog by clicking here.  There you will find the required classes for your major.

Academic Policies

Can my advisor tell my parents what courses I am taking or what grades I have earned?

No.  The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) prevents Western Piedmont from sharing any of your personal or educational information.  For more information about FERPA and your privacy rights, please click here.

How do I drop or withdraw from a class?

You may drop a class up until the 10% point of the semester and request a 75% tuition refund.  To do this, come to the Advising Center and complete a 75% Refund Request Form.

After the 10% point, you must withdraw from a class by contacting your instructor.  Your instructor will complete the process to withdraw you.

Academic Policies

Where can I find a tutor if I need one?

The Academic Success Center offers FREE tutoring services.  The Academic Success Center is located in Moore Hall, Room 206.  You may contact them at (828) 448-3115.

How should I prepare for Placement Testing?

Click here for information on how to prepare for the Placement Test.

How do I schedule a placement test?

Call the Advising Center at (828) 448-6046 to schedule an appointment.

If I have a disability, how do I get help?

Contact Daphne Martin, Disability Services Coordinator, at (828) 448-3153 or Deanna Keller, Disability Services Assistant, at (828) 448-3154.

I have questions about Financial Aid, who can help?

Contact the Advising Center at (828) 448-6046 and we will direct you to an available Financial Aid staff member.  Or, visit Financial Aid’s webpage found here.

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