Student Computing

We advise you to register with Password Master so in the event you forget your password, it may be reset by you at anytime by answering the security questions you designate.

Online Classes

WPCC utilizes Moodle, an e-Learning platform, to offer students a flexible alternative to the traditional seated classroom environment.

Student E-Mail

Note:Please enter your full email address “”

All WPCC students will be issued an email address with the extension

Student email accounts will be automatically be removed after one year of inactivity or 30 days after official notification of graduation from the Office of Records and Registration.

Students that forward their student email to a personal email account, should log directly into their student email account at least once a month, to keep it active.

Alumni E-Mail Accounts

Students that have been issued a student email account may have that account switched to an alumni account after graduation, or when concluding their studies at Western Piedmont. Please contact the alumni email administrator at, or complete the online form, and request an alumni account be set up. Read some frequently asked questions about alumni email.

Logging Into WPCC Computers

WPCC has created Login IDs (Usernames) for all registered students. You should use this Username along with your password to log into any computer on campus to which you have legal access. Is most cases, your Username is your last name, followed by the first letter of your first name, and first letter of your middle name, all in lowercase with no spaces or periods.

If you do not have a middle initial, your username will probably contain only your lastname, followed by your first initial. In some cases where these naming conventions create duplicates, the College may add the last two digits of your Student ID Number to your Username. (Your Student ID Number is seven digits long and may be found on your current registration statement or in your admission letter. For example: 0018759).

Your Password for this Username will be your first initial, last initial (lower case, no spacing) and then your (7) digit Student ID Number printed on your Class Schedule or registration statement. Example: mj0012345.

Common Example:
Username: johnsonmr
Password: mj0012345

Example when there are duplicate names:
Username: johnsonmr45
Password: mj0012345

If you have trouble logging on to Western Piedmont computing resources, please call the Technology Help Desk at (828) 448-6030, come by Moore Hall Room 17, or email us at

Connecting to WPCC Wireless Network

Western Piedmont provides numerous Wi-Fi hotspots throughout the Main and satellite campuses, including student lounges and common areas. The College is continuing to expand the scope of wireless coverage. If you wish to use Wi-Fi on campus, you will need to be currently enrolled and have your WPCC username and password.

NOTE: Connection to Western Piedmont’s Wi-Fi network is access controlled and requires that all Microsoft software and hardware updates have been applied. Instructions for configuring your laptop to use the WP WiFi system are dependent on the version of Windows operating system you are using.

If you have any trouble getting connected to the wireless network, or if you are using a Linux-based OS, Mac OS X, iOS, or Android, please come by the Help Desk in Moore Hall room 17, Monday thru Friday 8:00am – 5:00pm. We will be happy to help you get your laptop or tablet set up.

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