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Employee Directory

Name Phone Location Title
Adams, Dr. Gerri 828-448-6021 Learning Resource Center Department Head English and Humanities/ Instructor, English
Aldridge, Leslie 828-448-6711 Foothills Higher Education Center Division Assistant Workforce and Professional Development
Angley, Robert 828-448-3137 Carr Hall Instructor, Human Services
Arney, Monica 828-448-3106 Moore Hall Accounting Specialist/Cashier
Barger, Libby 828-448-3121 Moore Hall Institutional Advancement PR/ Marketing Director
Barron, Dori 828-448-3170 Hildebrand Hall Director, Financial Aid
Batman, Bill 828-448-3542 Moore Hall Instructor, Psychology
Benner, David 828-433-7932 Patton Hall Coordinator/Instructor, Physical Education
Benton, Michelle 828-448-3529 Foothills Higher Education Center Instructor, Nursing
Berry, Anita 828-448-3127 Moore Hall Benefit/Recruitment Specialist
Berry, Beverly 828-448-3502 E Building Instructor, MLT Program
Berry, Josh 828-448-3188 Hildebrand Hall Bookstore Technician I
Bevans, Neal 828-448-6044 Carr Hall Coordinator/Instructor, Paralegal
Biddix, David 828-448-6416 Learning Resource Center Instructional Technologist
Bingham, Michael 828-448-6020 Moore Hall Controller
Bowman, Kathy 828-448-6035 Moore Hall Print Shop Technician
Bowman, Laura (828) 448-3108 Moore Hall Accounts Payable/Equipment Specialist
Boyd, Betty (828) 448-6038 Hildebrand Hall Environmental Services Aide
Bradshaw, Rachel 828-448-3501 Jim W. Burnett Hall Coordinator/Instructor, Medical Assisting
Branch, Carla 828-448-3111 Moore Hall Payroll Specialist
Brewer, Diana 828-448-3534 Foothills Higher Education Center Instructor, Nursing
Brisson, Ruth 828-448-6195 Learning Resource Center Circulation Administrative Technician
Brittain, Bobby 828-438-6108 Maintenace Utilities/Maintenance
Brown, Christine 828-448-6712 Hildebrand Hall Records Technician
Brown, Star 828-448-6059 Carr Hall Coordinator/Instructor, Accounting
Buchanan, Gregory 828-448-3560 Breeden Hall Instructor, Computer Engineering/ Electrical Engineering Technology
Buff, Joy 828-448-6704 Jim Richardson Campus Director, College and Career Readiness
Burd, Rani 828-448-6137 Learning Resource Center Instructor, English
Cantwell, Jane 828-448-6023 Learning Resource Center Instructor, English
Caroway, Jeremy 828-438-6108 Maintenace General Maintenance - Equipment Operator
Carpenter, Harry 828-448-3541 E Building Instructor, History/Social Science
Carswell, Linda 828-448-3110 Moore Hall Director, Purchasing
Chaney, Wesley 828-448-6705 Jim Richardson Campus College and Career Readiness Counselor
Chester, Wanda 828-448-6038 Hildebrand Hall Team Leader, Environmental Services
Childers, William 828-448-6054 Carr Hall Instructor, Computer Information Technology
Childress, Lisa 828-448-6050 Carr Hall Curriculum Division Assistant
Clarke, Karen 828-448-3547 Foothills Higher Education Center Instructor, Nursing
Coates, Tonya 828-448-6058 Carr Hall Instructor, Accounting
Coleman, Jim 828-448-3148 Moore Hall Dean of Technology and Learning Resources
Coleman, Margaret 828-448-6147 Hildebrand Hall Records Technician
Colliander, Betsy 828-448-6057 Carr Hall Coordinator/Instructor, Office Administration and Medical Office Administration
Cook, Faye 828-448-3530 Foothills Higher Education Center Instructor, Nursing
Cooper, Amanda 828-448-3159 Hildebrand Hall Admissions/Transfer Counselor
Crowder, Donna (828) 448-6154 Foothills Higher Education Center Secretary II
Crumpler, Jonathan 828-448-3544 E Building Coordinator/Instructor, Digital Effects & Game Development
Curry, Susan 828-448-3182 Hildebrand Hall Educational Talent Search Project Assistant
Dale, Jason 828-448-6055 Carr Hall Instructor, Computer Information Technology
Dale, Tim 828-413-1194 Maintenace Maintenance - Carpenter
Daniel, Nancy 828-448-3160 Learning Resource Center Library Director
Daniels, Michael 828 448-3564 Breeden Hall Dean, Science,Engineering and Mathematics
Davis, Amy 828-448-6190 Foothills Higher Education Center Instructor, Clinical/Lab Nursing
Dellinger, Paul 828-448-6043 Carr Hall Instructor, Business Administration/ Director, Cooperative Education
Demiter, Anissa 828-448-6024 Learning Resource Center Instructor, English
Dixon, Danny 828-448-6047 Carr Hall Coordinator/Instructor, Criminal Justice
Dougher, Maureen 828-448-3109 Learning Resource Center Instructor, Spanish
Doyle, Terry 828-448-3550 Patton Hall Instructor, Social Sciences
Duckworth, Brenda 828-448-3512 E Building Coordinator/Instructor, Developmental Mathematics
Dunnagan, Katie 828-448-3171 Hildebrand Hall Financial Aid Technician
Durham, Kathy (828) 448-3102 Moore Hall Executive Assistant to the President
Epley, Jessica 828-448-3122 Moore Hall Student Development Coordinator/ Assistant Director, Foundation
Evans, Vondra 828-448-3151 Hildebrand Hall Assistant Director of Financial Aid
Farley, Kristi 828-448-3114 Moore Hall Academic Programs Coordinator
Fisher, Judy 828-448-3134 Jim Richardson Campus High School Equivalency Examiner
Freeman, Cathy 828-448-3535 Foothills Higher Education Center Department Head/Director, Nursing
Freeman, Melissa 828-448-6710 Jim Richardson Campus Division Assistant, College and Career Readiness
Frost, Tom 828-448-3514 Patton Hall Department Head/Instructor, Mathematics
Gaither, Gene 828-448-7314 Hildebrand Hall Environmental Services Aide
Giese, Teresa 828-448-3528 Foothills Higher Education Center Instructor, Nursing
Glover, Tammy 828-448-3545 E Building Coordinator/Instructor, Dental Assisting
Gragg, Dustin (828) 448-3190 Moore Hall MIS Assistant
Gray, Ronald 828-448-6068 Hildebrand Hall Director, Maintenance
Grill, Melissa 828-448-6097 Learning Resource Center Instructional Technology Administrator
Grose, David 828-448-3149 Moore Hall Network Applications/Security Development
Grubbs, John 828-448-3513 Patton Hall Instructor, Mathematics
Gruber, Warren 828-448-6748 Breeden Hall Instructor, Electrical Engineering Technolgoy
Hall, Robin 828-448-3107 Moore Hall Accounts Receivable Specialist
Harris, Bryan (828) 448-3568 J Building Instructor, Industrial Systems Technology
Harrison, Rusty 828-448-3179 Moore Hall Instructor, Psychology
Helmick, Dr. Michael S. 828-448-3100 Moore Hall President
Hensley, Brandon 828-448-3563 F Building Instructor, Computer Integrated Machining Technology
Hildebran, Candis 828-448-3146 Learning Resource Center Computer Support Technician
Hogan, Joan 828-448-6041 Hildebrand Hall Director, Records and Registration
Hoilman, Sandra 828-448-6025 Moore Hall Vice President for Administrative Services/ Chief Financial Officer
Holder, Vicki 828-448-3565 Hildebrand Hall Career Counselor
Holland, Beth 828-448-6133 Hildebrand Hall Assistant Director of Records/Registration
Honea, Tamara 828-448-6410 Hildebrand Hall Academic Advisor
Hope, Chip 828-448-3554 Rostan Horticulture Center Department Head Engineering/ Instructor, Horticulture and Sustainable Agriculture
Huffman, Karen 828-448-6045 Hildebrand Hall Records Technician
Huffman-Oaks, Cathy 828-448-6056 Carr Hall Instructor, Administration/Medical Office Administration
Hurley, Eric 828-448-3557 Breeden Hall Instructor, Building Construction Technology
Ingram, Susan 828-448-3515 Patton Hall Instructor, Mathematics
Isaacs, Kenny 828-448-6108 Maintenace General Maintenance - Painter
Johnson, Stacey 828-448-3523 Patton Hall Instructor, Chemistry
Jordan, Max 828-448-3553 Rostan Horticulture Center Coordinator Applied Technolgoy/ Instructor, Welding
Joy, Annette 828-448-3157 Hildebrand Hall Records Technician
Keller, Deanna 828-448-3154 Hildebrand Hall Disability Services Assistant
Kellogg, Bonnie 828-448-6038 Hildebrand Hall Environmental Services Aide
Kerley, Scott 828-448-6196 Jim W. Burnett Hall Chief Security and Safety Officer
Kincaid, Shannon 828-448-3524 Patton Hall Instructor, Biology
Kiser, John 828-448-3168 Patton Hall Coordinator, Physical Science/ Instructor, Chemistry
Kiser, William 828-448-6707 Foothills Higher Education Center Dean, Workforce and Professional Development
Konarski, Cindy 828-438-3504 E Building Department Head, Health Sciences/ Instructor, Therapeutic Recreation
Ledford, Chelsea 828-448-3129 Moore Hall Assistant Controller
Lian, Steven 828-448-6191 Carr Hall Instructor, Paralegal Technology
Lilly, Jean 828-448-3117 Jim Richardson Campus Coordinator, College and Career Readiness
Long, Courtney 828-448-3552 Patton Hall Coordinator/Instructor, Professional Crafts: Clay
Lonon, Deborah 828-448-3519 Learning Resource Center Coordinator/Instructor, Performing Arts
Looney, Kathy 828-448-6071 Moore Hall Administrative Assistant, Academic Affairs
Maney, Wendy 828-448-6022 Moore Hall Administrative Assistant, Business Office
Martin, Daphne 828-448-3153 Hildebrand Hall Coordinator, Disability Services
Mauney, Lisa 828-448-3116 Moore Hall QEP Director/ Coordinator, Academic Success Center
McCracken, Sherry 828-448-6031 Learning Resource Center Media Services Technician
McGimsey, Eddie 828-448-6719 Foothills Higher Education Center Director, Small Business Center/ Entrepreneurship Development
McGrady, Nadine 828-448-3527 Patton Hall Department Head, Science/ Instructor, Chemistry
McKesson, Leslie 828-448-3156 Carr Hall Dean, Business and Public Services
McNeely, Ann Marie 828-448-3509 E Building Dean, Health Sciences and Developmental Education
McPeters, Hope 828-448-6128 Moore Hall Collections/Payroll Specialist
Miller, Kyle 828-448-3145 Learning Resource Center Computer Support Administrator
Miller, Lisa 828-448-3123 Moore Hall Institution Advancement Grants Development & Administration Director
Miller, Patsy 828-448-6706 Jim Richardson Campus Coordinator, College and Career Readiness
Moore, Charles 828-448-3136 Carr Hall Coordinator/Instructor, Human Services
Moua, Jennifer 828-448-3152 Hildebrand Hall Financial Aid Technician
Moulton, Steven 828-448-6042 Carr Hall Instructor, Criminal Justice
Mull, Tim 828-438-6108 Maintenace Equipment Operator
Najera, Ingrid 828-448-6038 Hildebrand Hall Environmental Services Aide
Newman, Erika (828) 448-3520 E Building Instructor, Developmental Reading/Writing
Nile, Teah 828-448-3169 Hildebrand Hall Financial Aid Counselor
Norris, Nancy 828-448-3150 Moore Hall Director, Management Information Systems
Nutt, Robin 828-448-3135 Moore Hall Curriculum Division Assistant
Ollis, Terri 828-448-6072 Carr Hall Department Head, Computer and Office Systems Programs/Instructor, Computer Information Technology
Pardue, Johnathan (828) 448-6193 E Building Instructor, Simulation & Game Development
Parrish, Beth 828-448-3133 Moore Hall Instructor, Early Childhood Education
Patton, Jennifer 828-448-3181 Hildebrand Hall Director, Educational Talent Search
Patton, Julie 828-448-3183 Hildebrand Hall ETS Resource Facilitator
Peeler, Penny 828-448-3526 Breeden Hall Instructor, Environmental Science
Pellatt, Mark 828-448-3543 E Building Department Head/Instructor, Social Sciences
Phapphayhoun, Toon 828-448-6029 Learning Resource Center Instructor, English
Pittman, Tim 828-448-6032 Moore Hall Administrator, Media Services
Pollard, Becky 828-448-6038 Hildebrand Hall Environmental Services Aide
Poteat, Mark (828) 448-3538 E Building Department Head/Instructor, Visual & Performing Arts
Presnell, Dr. Kara 828-448-6194 E Building Instructor, Communication
Prichard, Karen 828-448-3533 Foothills Higher Education Center Instructor, Nursing
Propst, Jennifer 828-448-6051 Hildebrand Hall Director, Enrollment Management
Queen, Donald 828-448-3556 Breeden Hall Coordinator, Engineering Technology/ Instructor, Civil Engineering Technology
Ramsey, Dianne (828) 448-3532 Foothills Higher Education Center Coordinator, Allied Health & Emergency Medical Programs
Rasmussen, Kristina 828-448-6127 Hildebrand Hall Bookstore Technician II
Rector, Virginia 828-448-6158 Learning Resource Center Computer Support Technician
Ritchie, Sherilyn 828-448-3559 Breeden Hall Instructor, Mechanical Engineering Technology
Roberts, Meagan 828-448-3562 Breeden Hall Instructor, Horticulture & Sustainable AgricultureTechnology
Roberts, Naomi 828-448-6764 E Building Department Head, Developmental Studies/ Instructor, Developmental Mathematics
Rose, Debra 828-448-3540 E Building Instructor, Communication
Safford, Mary Charlotte 828-448-3539 E Building Dean, Humanities and Social Sciences
Saturno, Nick 828-448-6148 Foothills Higher Education Center Director/Instructor of Customized Training
Schwind, Maureen "Mo" 828-448-6402 Hildebrand Hall Title III Coordinator/ Activity Director, Advising Center Coordinator
Scott, Kathy 828-448-3173 Carr Hall Department Head, Business and Public Service Programs/ Instructor, Business Administration
Sessions, Lisa 828-448-3126 Moore Hall Director, Human Resources
Shoaf, Nancy 828-448-3536 E Building Coordinator/Instructor, Medical Lab Technology
Shuping, Vicki (828) 448-3172 Jim W. Burnett Hall Instructor, Medical Assisting
Simpson, Atticus 828-448-3120 Moore Hall Vice President for Student Development/Executive Director, Western Piedmont Foundation, Inc.
Smith, Chris 828-448-6757 Learning Resource Center Director, Distance Learning
Smith, Pamela 828-448-6038 Hildebrand Hall Environmental Services Aide
Spath, Michael 828-442-4371 Patton Hall Coordinator, Life Science/ Instructor, Biology
Sprinkle, Christine 828-448-6139 E Building Curriculum Division Assistant
Stamey, Angela 828-448-3183 Hildebrand Hall ETS Resource Facilitator
Steelman-Bridges, Danette 828-448-6028 Learning Resource Center Coordinator/Instructor, Interpreter Education
Stewart, Tina 828-448-6406 Learning Resource Center Network/Computer Support Technician
Strand, Keith 828-448-3144 Moore Hall Network Administrator
Styles,Naomi 828-448-3521 Patton Hall Instructor, Biology
Suttles, Tonja 828-448-3597 Hildebrand Hall Financial Aid Counselor
Tallent, Cathy 828-448-6725 Jim Richardson Campus Environmental Services Aide
Thompson, Larry 828-448-6414 Breeden Hall Instructor, Computer Integrated Machining Technology
Thurman, Stacy 828-448-6038 Hildebrand Hall Environmental Services Aide
Vasile, Robert 828-448-6067 Carr Hall Instructor, Computer Information Technology
Vegter, Sam 828-448-6053 Carr Hall Instructor, Business Administration
Wandler, J. Brad 828-448-3590 Patton Hall Instructor, Mathematics
Warren, Steve 828-448-3138 Moore Hall Director, Law Enforcement Training/BLET
Weiner, Michelle 828-448-6740 Jim Richardson Campus Coordinator, College & Career Readiness/LEIS Data Specialist
Wells, Ashley 828-448-6123 Foothills Higher Education Center Curriculum Division Assistant
Wells, David 828-448-3187 Hildebrand Hall Bookstore Manager
Whisnant, Mark 828-448-6108 Maintenace General Maintenance Mechanic
White, Andy 828-448-3525 Patton Hall Instructor, Physics and Astronomy
Williams, Cathy 828-448-6049 Hildebrand Hall Records Manager - Curriculum
Williams, Susan 828-448-3178 Hildebrand Hall Dean, Student Services
Willis, Michael 828-448-6708 Foothills Higher Education Center Director, Emergency Services Programs
Woody, Cynthia 828-448-6715 Hildebrand Hall Records Manager, Work Force & Professional Development
Wright, Linda 828-448-6146 Breeden Hall Curriculum Division Assistant