Emeritus Status

Emeritus Status is an honorary designation for retired persons who have rendered exemplary service to Western Piedmont Community College as a member of the faculty or staff. Emeritus Status is conferred by the Trustees on the recommendation of the President of the College.

2011 – Dr. Cheryl L. Oxford, Instructor Emeritus
2010-  Peter Stragand, Instructor Emeritus
2009 – Larry Garrison, Dean Emeritus
2006-  Raymond Goodfellow, Vice President Emeritus
2006 – C. Lamar Wommack, Dean Emeritus
2006 – Winston R. Lear, Dean Emeritus
2005 – Richard N. Greene, Vice President Emeritus
2005 – Dr. Jim A. Richardson, President Emeritus
2004 – Louise White, Instructor Emeritus
2001 – D. Odell Witherspoon, Dean Emeritus
1998 – Kenneth N. Clark, Vice President Emeritus
1996 – Jack H. Huss, Dean Emeritus
1995 – Ruby Harbison Pharr, Instructor Emeritus
1995 – Larry R. Clark, Dean Emeritus
1995 – Robert E. Benner, Instructor Emeritus
1991 – Harold P. Olsen, Instructor Emeritus
1980 – H.D. Moretz, Dean Emeritus