WPCC Student Finds Her Way to Rewarding Medical Degree


The Medical Laboratory Technician program at WPCC wasn’t Jasmine Arrowood’s initial calling after she graduated high school.  But thanks to the wide variety of classes and different pathways offered at WPCC, she found her way to completing her degree in the medical field.

“I chose Western Piedmont because there are many options to explore a career pathway.  Upon entering the MLT program, I already had 52 credits because I was able to go ahead and take many classes at WPCC that weren’t offered at other places,” she said.

The youngest of four, Arrowood has always been encouraged to continue her education, no matter what. She is also committed to completing her degree so that she can help send her husband, Christopher, back to school to finish his bachelor’s in Criminal Justice.

“I can honestly say, Christopher Arrowood is the most selfless, hard-working man that I have ever met. I cannot think of another person that deserves to have their dreams fulfilled in their education as much as he does,” said Arrowood.

Arrowood also offers advice to her fellow students feeling overwhelmed and stressed about school.

“Just remember why you started. Whether it’s for your children, to better your life, or if it’s just your calling, remember why you started. Think about how awesome you’re going to feel after everything you’ve accomplished and what you’ll now be able to do for your family,” she said.

Arrowood plans to graduate in May 2017, and hopes to use what she has learned at WPCC to help others in impoverished countries.

“I would ultimately love to take the skills I am learning in the lab across the world to other countries that certainly don’t have the financial means to have the technology we have,
she said.

In the meantime, Arrowood has her eyes on employment in the healthcare field as a medical lab technician.  According to the North Carolina Department of Commerce labor outlook, the number of technicians in North Carolina is expected to increase by 33 percent and the media salary is $38,390 with a range from $27,830 for beginners and $43,000 for those with experience.

Arrowood is thankful that WPCC is providing a pathway to gainful employment. Arrowood also thanks donors to the Western Piedmont General Scholarship Fund, and the Western Piedmont Foundation (WPF) for granting the funds needed in order to help her achieve her goals. She is a 2016 recipient of the WPF General Scholarship as well as the Corpening Memorial Scholarship.

“Currently, I am unable to earn an income for my family due to completing 40-hr weeks in clinical rotations. The scholarships have most definitely helped me stay focused. If I had to worry about another full time job, it would not be possible for me to maintain the grades that are required to maintain my position in the program,” she said.

The Medical Laboratory Technology at WPCC, prepares students to perform clinical laboratory procedures in chemistry, hematology, microbiology, and immunohematology that may be used to maintain health, diagnose and treat disease. Coursework emphasizes mathematical and scientific concepts related to specimen collection, laboratory testing and procedures, quality assurance and reporting/recording and interpreting findings involving tissues, blood, and body fluids. For additional information on the MLT program, contact: Beverly Berry at 828-448-3502 or bberry@wpcc.edu.